Special Orders

Special orders are those that needs a size such as ordering a full hat. Only a full hat or bonnet needs a head size. There is no need for a size when ordering fascinator or cocktail because they normally have small cups than only sit on the top part of your head. A big fascinator might have a full cup that needs a measurement and when you place an order for such a fascinator we will request you to give us a head measurement.

How to measure

You measure by using the normal tape measure used in clothing measurements. Use inches please.

Refer to the image below

You put your tape measure on your forehead and wrapping it around your head. It must be straight and exactly where your hat will be sitting. Count your measurement from 1 inch. If you are going to wear a weave and you measure your head without your weave on, please also give allowance for your wig. E.g If your measurement is 24inch then after adding allowance it be will be 24.5 inch